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No, not at all!

networking pants

My #pants network has been stagnating for quite a while now.
So… How would I go about discovering other #pants blogs?

I don’t think there are any beyond those that you can see listed on my Following page (of which many have already been abandoned, unfortunately.) So all in all I would wager that you’re not missing much at the moment.

This is partly my fault, as I haven’t really been driving people towards #Pants a lot lately, the primary reason for this being my ongoing work on IndiePants (which, by the way, is shaping up nicely.) Once I’ve deployed the new code and migrated everyone I can to it, I will get back to pestering people about Pants in every channel known to man (and cat), and it’s going to be beautiful!

Hopefully you’re not disappointed by the currently somewhat minute amount of activity. If you are, I’m hoping to be able to convince you to take another look by the time the new bits are online.

No, not at all! No worries.
Nice to see that stuff is cooking, though \o/

I guess I’ll go on and use this as an outlet for too-big-for-twitter-yet-not-big-enough-for-mah-blog-y’alls type of content as I’ve been doing before ¯\(ツ)

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